Economic Impact
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Economic Impact
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We all know that Super Bowls, BCS games, international soccer matches, and other big events hosted by Sun Life Stadium bring visitors to South Florida, but what do these visitors mean for you and other South Florida residents? In three words...
  • According to Visit Florida®, every eighty visitors we attract to the State of Florida generate enough economic impact to support one full-time job.
  • These visitors drive job growth across all sectors, including the sports industry, which accounts for 110,000 jobs in Miami-Dade County, or an estimated 11% of total direct employment.
  • The operations of the Miami Dolphins, along with other activities at Sun Life Stadium, currently support an estimated 14,000 full-time and part-time jobs for Miami-Dade residents, contributing significantly to the standard of living in Miami-Dade.
  • In numeric terms, Sun Life Stadium and the Miami Dolphins generate a total economic impact of approximately $1.364 billion for Miami-Dade County each year, including $607 million in labor income alone.
  • The current plans to modernize Sun Life Stadium will create more than 4,000 jobs in South Florida, with even more significant dividends generated over the long-term by blockbuster events, such as the Pan American Games, Super Bowls, and college championship games, which require not only world-class host cities, but also world-class facilities.